Various Aftermarket Aluminum Sand Castings


Assorted Aluminum Sand Casting Aftermarket Ford Block Cores


Brake Valve Aluminum Sand Casting and Cores


Various Aluminum Sand Castings



Competitive Advantages

You’ll be impressed with our on-site, aluminum foundry which gives us the highest manufacturing standards and capabilities possible. This, in conjunction with our small staff, allows us to provide high quality aluminum sand castings at reasonable prices with on-time delivery.

Highly-Skilled Professionals

Because our highly-trained personnel have significant foundry experience—a majority of whom have been in the foundry industry for 30+ years—they fully understand quality control measures and can utilize the most cost-effective casting methods essential to efficiently creating aluminum sand castings. Many of our products are highly-cored and pressure-type castings used in the braking and control systems for railroad and mass transit applications, as well as aftermarket automobile cylinder heads. In addition, our larger castings are used in the pneumatic conveying of bulk cement and plastic pellets.

Partnership and Teamwork

For over two decades, the cornerstone of Laurel Aluminum has been our team concept. Working together with you as our partners, we offer quality results and ensure continued customer satisfaction.