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Just a few kind words from some of our many satisfied customers…

“We look for three things in a vendor: price, quality, and delivery. Laurel Aluminum is the epitome of all three and their pricing over the long haul has been stable and reasonable. We’re very price conscious, of course, and are always looking for good value stateside. Laurel’s quality is consistent and is never a concern. ‘Made in America’ is a proud slogan and still means something because of companies such as yours. Delivery is always, ‘hurry up please and get it here yesterday!’ Laurel has been more than flexible in this area—always covering us in the event of unexpected or high volume orders.”—Paul Martin, Stahls Hotronix

“What surprised me the most of working with Laurel is the personal attention I received from top management down through the workforce in every step of the operation to achieve our goal. We enjoy working with their people and appreciate the friendly atmosphere. We also like the fact you always feel appreciated as a valuable customer, regardless of the amount of volume you generate. They will do everything possible to meet our sometimes emergency delivery schedules, and assure the quality of products produced. In addition, they are willing to help solve any problems that may arise and never use excuses for problems—they just appropriately react to getting them resolved. If more companies treated their customers as well as Laurel has reacted to our requirements and needs, doing business would be a much more pleasant experience for all involved. It’s a pleasure doing business with Laurel and we look forward to hopefully many more years of the same.”—Sam Rolley, EDCO Industries Inc.

“We have found Laurel Aluminum to be very easy to work with and have developed a mutually beneficial relationship with them over the years. They have always been straightforward with us and are always willing to help in a crisis. Their final products’ cosmetic appearance is very good and they have an excellent house for the size/materials they produce. We highly recommend Laurel to others.”—Alan Conley, FLSmidth

“We were looking for a foundry with the ability to pour my high end Auto aftermarket engine parts for a fair price. Laurel Aluminum was able to run small batches and didn’t make me buy a year’s worth of castings at a time. They made us feel like a bigger fish in a smaller pond. We were surprised at the amount of product they were about produce for such a small shop. The people at Laurel are great to deal with, from the top to the bottom. They are also very quick to react to problems and at supplying samples for new products. Keep up the good work!”—Dave Parker, Trick Flow Specialties

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