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Reliable, Quality Results in the Production of Aluminum Sand Castings


Our History

Laurel Aluminum Casting was founded in 1987 after Westinghouse’s Air Brake (WABCO) division in Wilmerding, PA, decided to shut down their foundry and outsource their aluminum castings due in part to cost and quality control issues. Current president Rich Gratton, along with Dexter Ross and Rich Starko, key leaders in the aluminum foundry industry, designed and assembled a new foundry in the Pittsburgh area. Laurel Aluminum was able to improve all production capabilities, and assure high quality and efficient aluminum sand castings for WABCO.

Today, Laurel Aluminum Casting is considered one of the best aluminum sand castings companies around.  From pouring A356 primary aluminum ingots to its diverse in-house and customized capabilities to its unique dry sand process—Laurel Aluminum Casting is truly the premier source for all of your aluminum sand casting needs.